Electric Vehicles

Solar Panels

chvLet us take the hard work and confusion out of going green. Do you have an electric vehicle e.g. Leaf, Volt, Tesla...? All you need is four 250 watt panels to get 21,000 free miles per year - 1,000 watt (1KW) system.

Here is what a 1KW solar electric system will produce:

1,750 kwh (average) produced per year
x3 hours per kwh you can use at night for every 1 hour you produce during the day.
5,250 kwh for charging per year from your 4 solar electric panels
x4 miles driven per kwh charged
21,000 miles driven per year!

More than $3,000 saved in gas cost per year
(21,000 / 25 mpg = 840 gallons x $3.572 = $3,000)