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Highlight Solar earns and deserves the highest (5*) rating based on-
- Professional guidance
- Timely communications and excellent customer service
- Highly competitive pricing
- Craftsmanship and pride of workmanship
- Efficient installation and utility clearance
To describe our investment and experience in a single word, we would choose "delighted".


I definitely did the research for solar installers, including multiple bids/interviews. Although I spoke with the big players, based on Yelp reviews and pre-purchase interviews I decided on Highlight Solar. It's a big decision because of the size of investment and considering the importance of the roof over your head (literally). I was somewhat skeptical that there could be 100% 5* reviews, but in hindsight the great reviews are absolutely merited, the decision to use Highlight was a great decision, and I would recommend and have already recommended Highlight to my friends and neighbors. Highlight communicates well via email and via phone, if the customer wishes phone contact. Unlike some of the big players who will pepper the customer with pestering phone calls, Highlight follows up promptly and properly but does not harass. Unlike the big players who hand the customer from one agent to another, Highlight establishes a primary point of interface and the customer doesn't have to repeat the same information over and over. After my inquiry, Sean Rachlin came out on short notice to bid our system. He used Google Maps like all of the bidders, but he was the only person to get on our roof to look around, where he spent time to survey the space. Sean offered invaluable advice. After using up the south-facing portions of the roof, for cosmetic reasons, I was initially biased toward placing the remaining panels on southeastern roof exposure, versus the street (southwestern) side of the house. Sean pointed out that the southwestern exposure would generate more valuable kWh (in the afternoon hours) based on the utility's net metering and time-of-use programs. Compare this to the big company bid that placed the extra panels toward the morning sun, which is either off peak or only partial peak. Most new customers won't understand all of the design criteria, and I certainly didn't, so I appreciated Sean's advice and additionally his excellent customer service. Another very large company has a flush-mount system, but Highlight pointed out that the lack of airflow under the panels means that they won't generate as much power due to panel heating. Other customers mentioned savings due to Highlight's good advice and that resonates with my experience.

Highlight showed up with the materials a bit early, late the afternoon before install versus the morning of the installation. It was a small communications break, however, if the only beef someone has with their contractor is that they show up for work early, that's not a bad thing. Highlight offered to come back with all of the materials the next day, but I told them to go ahead and unload, which enabled the next day's construction to be more efficient. The installation crew did an excellent job. They were prompt, professional, and courteous. There was no debris left around our house. Doug, the foreman, was knowledgeable and gave me confidence that our roof will not develop leaks and that the system will be trouble-free. The crew did an excellent installation and there were no surprises. They found a way to install the circuit breakers without having to place an additional box on the side of our house. They went through all of my spare paint to find the correct exterior paint, then painted the new conduit on the side of the house to match the exterior color. They also painted the rooftop conduit to match the roof color. (Now I look at the pre-existing utility power pole and realize how out-of-place it appears.) In the end, the system has a great cosmetic look and I am very happy with the result.

The owner, Dean, came by to confirm the quality of the installation. He is an engineer and genuinely cares about the end result. He was checking things like co-planarity of the panels, consistency of the dimension of the top edge of the panels to the roof ridge line, and even the accuracy of bends in the conduit. When I had asked one of his workers* what it's like to work for Dean, the worker told me that he likes working for Dean because Dean doesn't micromanage his crews, but definitely Dean verifies the end results. I enjoyed the conversations with Dean, he is a hard worker and has some good ideas on parenting, if you happen to have the chance to speak with him.
*It's important to me that workers feel good about their company and management.

In the end, our 8.1kW (32-panel) system went in quickly, looks great, was very competitively priced, is performing well, and I am confident that it is a great investment. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks, Highlight! You guys rock.