Solar For Home

Switch to clean, more affordable solar power with Highlight Solar.


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Lock in rates

When you switch to solar power, you lock in your low utility rates. As energy prices continue to rise, you do not have to worry. You have your own power plant and more money stay in your wallet. Today is the best time to switch to cleaner more affordable solar power for your home. Also, we install pool solar panels.



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We make it easy for you

Going solar with Highlight Solar is really easy. First, we use satellite imagery to gauge your solar installation. Then, we seek best in class, yet affordable products for your solar Installation. Finally, we contact you with a complete quote listing your solar installation options.




Now that you have decided to go solar with Highlight Solar, here's the process:

We design a custom solar electric energy system for your home.

We take care of permit, installation, inspection, and commissioning of your solar electric system.

We take care of monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support of your solar electric system.

Your solar electric system is a spectacular way for you to join the green revolution. Sit back and relax while your solar panels gather the limitless energy from the sun and generate electricity for your home.